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heartbeat video installation
another woodblock carving
Surreal acrylic on canvas
chinese woodblock print
watercolour and alcohol ink
oainting of natural sculpture
ink selfie
modern moirai
self portrait
headwear plate
homage to hockney
abstracted lavery
denim shirt, mixed media, collage
the hook lighthouse
close up of a butternut squash
"le moon"
studio, 2013
© Copyright 2020  Susie Kelly aka Susie CK All Rights Reserved Please do not steal this work. It took a long time for me to make it! If you would like to buy or borrow it please use the contact page, thanks!
collage and 3D
lollopy lucy
totem no.7
hardboard maquette
waxy knot
simple hessian bowl
collage self portrait A4+ size
tetal maquettes (sheet tin)
collage about stasis
sighthound collage/relief
little wire guy
identity collage A2
going for a tatlin's tower vibe here
soft metal sighthound heads
hail helio
another stasis collage
baby bully
superstition and luck assemblage

Please double click on images to enlarge

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