Susie CK Kelly born at a very young age in London in the swinging '60s. 

Susie, ‎שושנה‎, Shoshana, שוש‎, Susan, Shosh, Shoshi, Suze, Sue, Савсан, سوسن Сӯсан, سن‎ Շուշան, 苏珊, 수잔, 蘇珊, Sosamma, Zsuzsanna, Susanna, スーザン, Zuzanna, Zane, Zuzana, Zuzia, Lily, Сузана, Susan, Σωσσάνα, Σουσάννα, ܫܘܫܢ, ܫܘܫܢܬ, کنول‎, Mam, Nana, Nanabanana. Is a name who I am, what I am or how I am? ​ I don't know

news 20/21

*Transcending Annihilation @ GOMA, Waterford City Dec 2020 - February 2021

*shortlisted for the RDS Visual Art Awards

*awarded residency with the National Sculpture Factory.

*first view @ Garter Lane  Jan/Feb

*1st class Hons - Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT)

susie ck (nanabanana)



Concern about the impact we humans are having on the planet and the future for my grandchildren ostensibly influence my work.  Ecosophy ~ living well with ourselves, our places, and others ~ is the driving force behind my practice.  Working within the Symbiocene narrative, informed by current ecological science, my practice is engaged with interconnectedness, mutualism, and the relational turn.  Concern about the ecological crisis and ecocide is intrinsic,  although from an optimistic perspective. Many younger people see the flaws of hegemonic world systems and innately strive to live more mutualistically.

Current lines of investigation include biodiversity, extinctions,  the communication and symbiotic systems of trees and other plants, rhythm, balance and cycles, the body as microbiome (intriguingly, 97 percent of our human and non-humans bodies consist of the same elements as stardust); and dust in general, what it comprises and how it looks under various microscopes.  Another area I am researching now is the relatively recent development of eco-social art practices and placemaking.

Hybrid, conceptual installation artist best describes my practice.  In addition to my studio practice based in County Laois, collaborations are an indispensable part of the process, whether with beekeepers or advanced photonics experts, working with collaborators from diverse fields sparks creativity and invariably drives the research down unexpected paths.  Ideas are materialised from a variety of media.  While drawing is where every idea initiallytakes form, screen based works including holography, photography, and video are important aspects, created using Adobe CC and Maya.  Haptic materials and sounds also feature in some works, while olfactory stimulation is an aspect I have experimented with and would like to expand upon. Pre-used, found, repurposed, and recycled matter are invariably present as I avoid using brand-new raw materials unless they are renewable and earth friendly.  

​​"We're born with a creative energy, we're born readymade, like eggs" (Louise Nevelson at the Guggenheim Museum 3/5/'86).

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