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Life -  a tangled, chaotic concoction of burning desires, accidental encounters, booming heartaches, missteps and failures, swift changes, unpredictable outcomes. Everyday tumult comes with life’s unexpected flashes of memories, mystery and wonder, feeding creativity.


Who am I?​​​

Susie CK (born at a very young age in London, 1966) Susie, ‎שושנה‎, Shoshana, שוש‎, Susan, Shosh, Shoshi, Suze, Sue, Савсан, ,سوسن Сӯсан, ,سن‎ Շուշան, 苏珊, 수잔, 蘇珊, Sosamma, Zsuzsanna, Susanna, スーザン, Zuzanna, Zane, Zuzana, Zuzia, Lily, Сузана , Susen, Σωσσάνα, Σουσάννα, ܫܘܫܢ , ܫܘܫܢܬ , کنول‎, Mam, Nana, Nanabanana. What is a name? 

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A hybrid artist with an ever-evolving aesthetic, lenses & screens, drawing, sculpture, paint, collage, textiles and installations are all in the mix. Artworks mainly involve pre-used or recycled elements with their own embedded memories and vibrations.


Born in London in the swinging '60's, I grew up in County Meath and currently live in Waterford City. An avid reader, aspiring time traveller and artist throughout youth with a rich inner life - essential to surviving and thriving - L'Engle's "wrinkle in time" played a large part. A lifelong passion for art and its histories means that I am active in many strands of visual research influenced by extensive experience working with some of the most vulnerable people in society throughout a career in social inclusion and by my personal story. 


Ecosophical leanings and concern about the planet, mingled with curiosity about the concept of post-Jungian "autonomous psyche" collective unconscious and synchronicity, their presence in everyday human interactions, has led me to observe and visually manifest how this impacts human behaviour. For example, we are aware of being in the Anthropocene, feel powerless about it, either ignoring it entirely or experiencing eco-anxiety, while somehow missing the alternative, which I believe is to do what we can. 

​​"We're born with a creative energy, we're born readymade, like eggs" (Louise Nevelson at the Guggenheim Museum 3/5/'86).

a little note about dogs...

Dogs, with a few 'lucky' exceptions, occupy a strange place in the world. Not everyone loves dogs unfortunately. I think that's sad, that they miss out on opportunities to feel loved unconditionally. . 


We humans have availed of their services for hunting, security, companionship, status, entertainment and even livelihoods for at least 16,000 years now. In return we provide shelter, if they're lucky, and some food. It's not a great deal for them.


I love them, all of them, have not met one yet whom I haven't liked. There have been canines in my life for whom I've felt love on a par with love for humans. The unconditional love that they give prompts unconditional reciprocation, to respect their point of view and dignity by treating them as they treat humans, with compassion and kindness.

In response to losing my beloved dog through separation, I spent weeks and months creating collages of dogs I know or have known. Textile collages of velvet, twill and tweed and anything else that I believe helps to evoke their unique characters;  Pen and Inks of Sight Hounds with patterns from various epochs instead of dog features, but keeping their form like a kind of stencil and produced a book from these. It's a long but highly rewarding process when all of  the initial dog drawings, pattern drawing, making, resizing, redrawing and working out finally gives an overall pleasing form. Fabric collages are an homage to some of the dogs I've been lucky enough to know, while the pattern pieces are made to recognise Sighthounds, who have been loyal and faithful to us humans throughout our history back to ancient Egyptian times and before.                                                                                                                                                               Copyright 2020  Susie Kelly aka Susie CK All Rights Reserved